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Whenever I go in to edit an existing page using the front end editor it wipes the formatting of my text blocks. I spent 2 and a half hours this morning fixing this. I am trying to record screencasts to show the client how to edit their site. And burning time. Money. Work. And I\’m somewhat furious about it at this point.

All I\’m doing is navigating to an existing page, activating the front end editor icon, and then clicking on the little pencil icon to show how to edit text and the info on the page – and every freaking time I do – All of my lists get bunched up into one line AND I get the freaking letter \’n\’ in between breaks.

What is going on? Please? Seriously. I am using the child theme. The most recent version of the theme. I went through the update process and replaced the current front end editor/visual composer plugin with the most recent one and my theme does not function the way it should. Period.

Also, whenever I go to save work – I wait for the arrow icon to cycle through to indicate that the work that I have done has been saved. then when I try to navigate away I get TWO freaking notifications stating \’are you sure you want to leave the page – your work might not be saved\’. And then everything gets screwed.

Will someone who will not ask me questions that I have already troubleshot and did my part as a customer who has advised my clients to purchase your theme – an elite author – what is going on? I made zero money today because I spent the day trying to debug stuff like this just because I wanted to show the clients how to manage the site on their own. It blows. Blows. Freaking blows.

This is not something that I have done. I am not asking for further customization or to hack my own code into your code and the theme that you have offered. It is totally basic, this is what we built, this is how we said it would work, and this is how it should work business.

Page that was clicked on that lost formatting:

Page that I fixed today that has the right formatting after fixing/struggling with it:


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The issues you refer too can be fixed.

There is a solution for the N character appearing, this will also help with the rendering problems.
Can you please open the page \wp-content\plugins\frontend_builder\pages\front_html.php "front_html.php" with a text editor.

in Top of the code (see the image: you will need to remove the (stripslashes(stripslashes and ))

If you have any question please contact us we are here to help you.

Best regards,
Shindiri Studio |

RetroDairyMart Client

Thank you.

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