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tim Client

the final rendered website contents look nothing like the preview in Frontend Builder.
Doesn’t matter if i copy/paste my contents or input them manually, even the simplest formatting (like line breaks) aren’t properly displayed (instead they are replaced by the letter “n”, as you can see in the following image).

This is absolute BASIC FUNCTIONALITY and i need it to work ASAP.

Thanks in Advance. Regards, Tim.


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tim Client

Alright, i got this fixed by using the "Open in WP editor" button instead of editing content directly in the Frontend Builder sidebar.

I'm not closing the ticket yet since i'd like to know if this working as intended or is actually a bug.

Shindiri Support team Administrator


Open the page \wp-content\plugins\frontend_builder\pages\front_html.php "front_html.php" with a text editor.

in Top of the code (see the image: you will need to remove the (stripslashes(stripslashes and ))

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tim Client

Thank you, that solved the problem.

Not sure why i have to manually edit files though...?

Regards, Tim

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