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zalamander Client
When I use bullet points the text size changes – how can I keep the text size the same?
Can you please tell me what’s the difference between the logo and the sticky header logo? (what exactly is the sticky header any way?)

I can see the logo (and changed it for my own) but I can’t see the sticky header logo anywhere, even when I reset all the settings to their defaults.

Do you have any more detailed documentation for this theme, I find the documentation that came with the download isn’t very detailed or complete. For example in the glyph options blog archive layout, grid and list is mentioned but dynamic (which is featured on the glyph website) isn’t (I assume that the first layout selection is dynamic…)

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Shindiri Support team Administrator

Hi Ant,

If you want the bullets to be the same pixels as other text, you can use this method:

The difference between the regular logo and sticky logo is this, the regular logo is a light version, the sticky header logo is a dark version of logo.
When there is a transition lets say from dark to light, the sticky logo is primary used, vice versa the light logo, the default one is visible on a dark background.

This is the only documentation we got, there is not a more detailed one.

Best regards,
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