getting an n when you return in frontend builder

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Same as the other themes with the frontend builder, whenever you hit “return” to drop a line, I get an “n”…..

please post the code fix ASAP.



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Can you please try to edit this file: /wp-content/plugins/frontend_builder/pages/front_html.php

1. Connect to your FTP server
2. Navigate to folder named frontend_builder (.../wp-content/plugins/frontend_builder/)
3. Open up folder named 'pages' inside this folder
4. Open up front_html.php
5. Find line No. 5
6. And edit following line where it says: $items = json_decode(stripslashes(stripslashes(stripslashes($builder->items))), true);
7. Erase two "stripslashes" so it becomes like this: $items = json_decode(stripslashes($builder->items), true);

You will see like this:
You need to remove:

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