Header logo not responsive (and appears blurry in retina)

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cismith77 Client

Hi there

I hope you can help. My site here: http://www.newtownutopia.com.

The header logo currently appears blurry in retina display as the uploaded image is shown at double the size. Is it possible to constrain the image size and upload a larger pixel file – or do something similar to get a share header logo?

Secondly – the logo on my site is not being responsive on mobile or web browsers – showing at full length in both. Please could you let me know how to sort this?



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Shindiri Support team Administrator


Can you send us your WP login info via e-mail to support@shindiristudio.com so we could see the problem firsthand? Also, you must include your  Ticket ID so we can identify your purchasing and than we can solve your issue.

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Shindiri Studio | http://www.shindiristudio.com/

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