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1. I do not want all of the posts I have made to be displayed on the home page beneath the slider. I only want some of them displayed. I do not want the same posts that are on the slider, also beneath the slider, as it is redundant. What can I do?

2. What can I do so that some posts show up as a small box while others only show up as the long horizontal box on the home page?

3. Can quote posts not have a background at all? If not, what can I do so that my quote posts on the home page can have a background. 

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Any update?

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Unfortunately, the questions that you asked for.

There is no way to select which post can be visible and which not, only categories. The design is like this. You can target the quote posts with CSS and remove their background, everything you ask is related to custom coding and not the basic features of the theme.

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