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Can you please tell me how to highlight the current year, so that when you are viewing a card it is clear what year it belongs to?

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Do you use Timeline Line or you hide it ? Since if you do use it by default date on timeline line should be highlighted for a card that is being viewed or lets say is in the focus of viewing port.

Make sure this setting: https://prnt.sc/mq9r3g
is not checked since this will hide line with dates.

If we didn’t understand the question in fully and you were talking about some other feature, please give more information and possible some screenshot with what you are trying to achieve and we will see if that is possible and assist you in achieving desired results if it is.

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jhamson16 Client


I'm wondering if you've been able to find any solutions for this ticket?

When I select “read more” from the FIRST item in a given year, it will highlight the year node, however, if I select any other items in the same year, it does not highlight the year. How can I make it so the year is highlighted if any items from that year are selected? 

Likewise, when I hover over a year node, it highlights only the FIRST photo in that year with a blue bar and arrow. How can I make it highlight ALL the photos from that year, and what code can I use to change the color and thickness of that blue bar that appears above the photo?

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