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ianmcnair Client

I’d like to be able to insert the php output code from AdRotate or similar into the header bar next to the logo. If I go to ‘Hotmag Options’, I can insert an image, text or html code but when I paste in the php code, it just shows the text of the code.
eg. <?php echo adrotate_ad(3); ?>

Please can you advise me on how to do this correctly, so that I can manage my ads centrally through one centralised ad management plugin?


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


Thank you for contacting our support forum.

The filed for ads in Hotmag does not have a validation filed for php scripts to execute them. This is why you get a plain text out of your shortcode pasted.

The only way to allow such feature, and also it depends on the way the plugin calls the content from the shortcode, is to re-facture the php script that is responsible for that part of the template.

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