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Kelso Client
am looking to adjust the size of the are pin width and height..the text
fields for these options are currently greyed out and set to 100.

Also, .imapper-content is displaying behind our site menu….please advise..thank you

When I try to click on the hotspot on mobile the modal window does not work when turned horizontal..what is the responsive behavior suppose to be for this plugin?


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Kelso Client

yours is the first map..

Kelso Client
The far right logo has a hotspot in light grey just below the icon..I used css to adjust the size for now..

Shindiri Support team Administrator


Happy New Year,

we are guessing you are talking about Area Pin. There is a way to adjust custom size but you need to use custom css or do it directly in plugin code. But we prefer custom css also because of accessibility to changes done.

Note that your menu have high z-index since you have sticky menu activated. We think that it should be on top of everything but if you are positive you want pin content to cover it when activated then also some css adjustment need to be done. So either lower the z-index on menu or increase the z-index on .imapper-content that activates on hover. If you need help with this part you can contact our support team via email to

Responsive behavior is quite simple actually. Standard option is to show pin content on whole screen under 600px. but you can also make it function same as on desktop by using fluid option in responsive settings of the plugin admin page.  We definitely recommend responsive and not fluid since on mobile your content can be really small and unusable. Also if you change direction to horizontal that exceed 600px width in that case this setting will not trigger. Again if you have issue with this also you can contact our team via email we linked above above and maybe they can help you to change that "limit" easy and effectively.

Lastly since you opened 2 ticket with basically same questions we will close the other ticket and keep this in case you have more questions.

Best regards,
Shindiri Studio |

Kelso Client
Thank you, I have been able to solve most of my questions with you help.

I have changed 2 of our 4 custom search table to manual data and entered the criteria. These columns no longer drop down on the front end.

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