how do I disable autoplay for videos

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My site URL is

Towards the bottom of the homepage I have a videos section

1) How do I disable autoplay in the videos, the only option in your plugin is to add the URL, not the embed code which allows us to disable Auto Play. -
2) How do I disable the related videos being shown at the end of playback
3) How do I fast forward through the video.. no play controls available?
2) How do I have infinite scrolling setup, I want to click on View More and have more videos show up on the same page, or I could create a new page and have all the videos displayed there
3) Once someone clicks a Video and enters their details in the lead capture form, How do I prevent the Lead capture form from showing up on another video?.. Is there a cookie which remembers not to show the Lead capture to the same website visitor again?


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


1) only if you modify JavaScript of this plugin (custom-coding)
2) you can put thank-you form, it is most effective way of disabling related videos:
3) only if you modify JavaScript of this plugin (custom-coding)
4) plugin is not tested on dynamically loading,we are not sure results will be positive but you can try
5) only if you modify JavaScript of this plugin (custom-coding)

unfortunately most of the questions you have are solvable only with customization of the plugin which we are not offering as a part of standard support.
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