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lailadin96 Client

I first sent in a ticket and email to support last week and again yesterday.  How can we get support quicker?  We have purchased the plugin and support and just wonder how we are able to work on our sites in a timely manner.


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


Sorry for a bit of delay. We had few days off due to national holidays that aligned with weekend. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Normal response time is 24h -48h after first contact. But that time is usually much faster. As we said above our team was off for few days due to national holidays and international working day's holiday.

We checked you previous conversations. Previous conversations you are talking about (7 days ago) were responded in more then timely manner both here on forum and on email and that request was successfully handled. So its archived. We responded on yesterdays ticket recently.

Basically we don't think we can offer more speedy service to you then this. And again we are sorry for the delays caused by days off.

Lastly what you can do to help this conversation go more smoothly is keep the conversation about same issue on same forum/ticket and email. After last check we did you currently have 4 tickets open and 3 email conversations under different name. All of this conversation are more or less about same issue. This can cause confusion and delays or even missing the crucial information on your or our side about the troubleshooting process.

So we are archiving all the tickets and emails we answered to the letter and keeping only one we are expecting answer/more-info from you to make sure you get help on same place and in timely manner.

Best regards,
Shindiri Studio |

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