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1) how to change the hover color? as attachment 1 link
2) can I embed a youtube on the read more article? attachment 2 link


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Thank you for using our product.

1. You have color settings in global and card settings. To be precise, for the description you asked about use this settings in global settings section. check screenshot:

2. Yes. We tested this again and we managed to use iframe with YT video inside open content. This is what we did:
and its working perfectly

3.Yes. If you check the section where add/change image is you will see description saying you can add more image for a gallery. You do that from media and with holding shift while marking images just like any other gallery. Note that not all styles supports pretty photo by default so if you choose to do this you will not have access to every style.

we hope with this new information you will be able to create great looking and unique timelines.

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grace Client

thank you

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