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I just want to change the date format on each card to only show the year. I’ve looked at the hard code in the templates and only see the function $blogDate; but I don’t know where that is being set


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Sorry for a bit of delay. We had few days off due to national holidays that aligned with weekend. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Now about the date format, there is a way to change it but some plugin code editing must be done.

first thing to do is set timeline chronological options to years. Check this screenshot:

Then you need to edit front_html.php file, path is \wp-content\plugins\content_timeline\pages\front_html.php
change all my_timestamp to Y from 1351 line to 1364: This will hard-code it to years on cards only.

If you have any more issues or you are not able to do this yourself you can send your wp and ftp login details via email to and our team will try to sort this for you.

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