How to force a refresh when browser gets resized ?

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pietromaffei Client

Hi Team,
Great theme but one very annoying problem remains. When using the Gallery Template, all image display fine when page is first loaded. However when the browser gets resized the images are suddenly displayed one of top of the other and the right bar handle doesn’t work anymore.
The only way to display the page correctly after a resize of the browser is to do a CTRL-F5 to force the refresh. Support already acknowledged that there is a bug in the way the image are displayed in Theme template in case of browser resize. Can you please provide me a command to put in a file that will force the equivalent of CTRL-F5 whenever the browser gets resized ? Please note the this problem occur with IE, Chrome and Firefox. You can check this problem here:
Thanks in advance for your help


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Shindiri Support team Administrator

To do that you need to open the theme files > js > pog.js

when you opened the file, find these lines:

		pogTimeout = setTimeout(function(){

they should be around line 30.

put the following code right after the code above :

pietromaffei Client

Thanks a lot for the information. You can close this ticket.


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