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rsbdesign Client

Hey there,

I have circles and content under the circles 
Hint: I create the content with html and css in Backend of your plugin under “About Section”

I want to link an image or a text and when i click the or anything image text etc. I want to see the content of willed circle.
(see image please)

How can i do that?

Thanks in advance


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rsbdesign Client

are you going to help me guys? Thanks

Shindiri Support team Administrator


yes, sorry for delay we had a day longer weekend due to national holidays.

Now about your request: if we understand correctly you want to bind the functionality of arrow right and arrow left on custom html you put on page ?  If this is true, unfortunately we are not able to provide solution as that would require customization of the plugin, which is not part of the standard support.

If we did not understand correctly you can send more explanation and information or links of the project via email to and hopefully after checking the project directly your request will be more clear and we can provide better feedback/solution.

Best regards,
Shindiri Studio |

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