How to set the amount of visible Dots in timeline

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manuelmeier Client

Dear Shindiri-Team

Is there any way to define how many Dots will be displayed in the timeline? Currently, the more elements I add, the less space they have and they end up overlapping each other. As i’ve read in other tickets, the position is calculated by javascript, but I couldn’t find anything about the calculation of displayable Dots. 
Categories is set to false, so I only use years in the timeline. 


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manuelmeier Client

In the meantime, a second question arose:
We are trying to use the callback events for further modification, but are unable to get them to work. Can you give us an example, how to propperly "listen" to these events?
This is our current approach that doesn't work:

historySlider = $('.history').timeline({
startItem : 'first',
closeItemOnTransition : true,

$('.history').on('scrollEnd.timeline', function (e) {
$('.timeline').on('scrollEnd.timeline', function (e) {
historySlider.on('scrollEnd.timeline', function (e) {

Shindiri Support team Administrator


Unfortunately, there is not an option to give your more or less space for the dots, because of the integrity of the plug-in.

Please state what exactly do you want to achieve so we can ask our developer if he has the time to look it up.

Best regards,
Shindiri Studio |

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