How to set the width of the All Around slider?

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Yellowrsh Client

Hello, at first I’d like to say that I love the slider!

My problem is that I only have 3 items (pages) on my slider. The width of the app goes just as wide as my 3 pictures and I’d like the content that is beneath to be just as wide as my container.
So let’s say my container is width: 1000px. Then I want the content of the slider to be width:1000px as well. And the 3 pictures are probably not wider than width: 500px and should be centered (margin: 0, 250px).
So what I’m trying to say is how do I get the content width just as wide as my container when the total picture (navigation) size width isn’t?

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Shindiri Support team Administrator


unfortunately for you content should inherit size of the image that you use for every slide. Did you try to increase width that content is using and if you did but without success  do you have this project live so we can check it firsthand ?
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Yellowrsh Client

Okay, so you can't do it within the code. I don't have my project live. So I guess I'll have to force some of the widths in CSS (as I don't want to change the codes of the app). Thanks for the fast answer.

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