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I purchased it on 2013-10-07 and have never been upgraded. Please let me know how to upgrade.


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1. You can download latest theme version from
When you login go to Downloads section, on top panel hover your user name and from drop down menu select Downloads. Find All Around theme and download latest version.

Second thing you need to do is connect to your website using FTP Filezilla
Go to /wp-content/themes/ and download theme folder “allaround_theme” to your computer (this is very important – Make sure you make a backup of the old version of your theme just in case something goes wrong.)

3. Extract files you downloaded from themeforest and locate allaround_theme file

4. Login to your site via FTP and Copy/Replace the content of “allaround_theme” folder to /wp-content/themes/allaround_theme folder of your web site.

5.After you finish uploading this files Navigate to Appearance>Theme Options and check your options. New options will appear. Set them up and save the new options.

If you make a customization in old theme: You should now have both, new version of the theme and your old customized theme on your computer. If you remember the changes you made to your theme, then simply copy and paste the code snippets from old theme to the new version.

Also you should check the versions of the WordPress and possible plugins you use in your project. There is a chance conflicts will appear if you didn't update theme and other resources for 5 or more years so be ready for it and arm with patience as non updating for so long is bad practice and usually requires much more time then keeping everything up to date regularly.

We again want to remind you about step 2 and creating backup of the project.

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