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I do all admin work in an SSL connection, and when I choose the image for each square, it seems to hardcode the link as “https”. Normal viewing of my site is not over SSL, and I’d like regular visitors not using SSL to not have to use HTTPS links to see my images.

I don’t see any way to modify your image links except for clicking on the image to change it, which then opens a dialog to choose another image. I’d like to be able to modify the link manually.


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


Not sure why it behaves that way, but you can modify them directly from the database. uSquare is located in the wp_usquare table in your Wordpress database, and the image links are in the "items" column called sortX-item-image::yourimagelink.jpg where X is the ID of an item. Just edit out every link to be http instead of https.

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