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stevedaysr Client
I\\\’m attempting to install the SnapShop – Boxed demo content to a fresh installation of wordpress at and I received error messages during the demo install. So I used the manual install of the demo content and everything went fine except that ALL of the images that I uploaded to my wp-content/uploads site folder are not being recognized. They seem to be in my media manager, but all links to them seem to be broken. So when I look at my website everything looks fine except none of the images are being displayed…
Could you please assist me with this?
WordPress site Info…
User: stevedaysr
Password: Godis737@#
FTP Info…
User: stevedaysr
Password: Godis
FTP & explicit FTPS port: 21
SFTP port: 2222


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


Please chekc the FTP that you have given us.

Thank you

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stevedaysr Client
I'm sorry about that. Here is the correct FTP info...

Main FTP Account Info...
FTP Username: stevedaysr
FTP Server:
FTP & explicit FTPS port: 21
SFTP port: 2222
FTP Password: Godis737@#!%

In /public_html  |


stevedaysr Client

I figured it out that the wp-content/uploads folder that the files were in needed to be dated for 2014 - So I created a 2014 folder and moved the files to there and now everything is fine - Thank you!

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