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wineinnsj Client

Hi there,

Images are no longer displaying on the website, nor the backend as the image just had a default image icon.
I purchased the latest version of the plugin as was told this should solve the issue. 

I have provided login details through a contact I have been speaking to over email, but I am still waiting for a response. 



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Shindiri Support team Administrator


we checked the conversation with support team and it seems like no valid login was provided so that new version can be installed and that instructions on this process was also sent to you for option to do it your self.

Last response from team was logged 3/29/2019 explaining the problem with login to you in details so please check spam folder also and inform us if this email did not come through properly. Other then checking this we can't help you much more here as by the conversation we can see you had with team it looks like they have firm grasp of the issue but still waiting for proper logins to be able to install new version.

Also they are much more skilled in dealing with this kind of problems so we urge you to follow instructions they sent you via email.

Also we will ask them to send copy of the last email again to you.

Best regards,
Shindiri Studio |

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