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I am using Google Chrome on an iMac and the maps show correctly on each web page i.e in the middle and correct size. My client is using Chrome but in Windows 10 on a Desktop PC and Laptop and the maps a either too large or a too far left or right and don’t fit as they should.

If you click any of the map links from this page: you will be taken to these iMapper pages. I’ve tried various methods of placing the iMapper code on the page but each time it shows correctly on my browser but not the clients.

Can you please advise.


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


first thing that comes to mind in this situations is to make sure all browsers where this is tested should be checked for updates and updated to latest version if needed. Also some addons/extensions and settings  for browsers  installed can cause issues. So please check if clients browsers are in order. (test with all possible extensions turned off / and settings reset to defaults for example)

Also, link you sent is working for us without issues in win 10 (chrome egde and firefox) and iMac (safari chrome)

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