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We’re currently working on our website – – and we want to use iMapper in a Lightbox plugin.
We currently use ARI Fancy Lightbox Pro, which allows you to create a splash screen that opens on page load. The content of the splash screen allows you to insert shortcode.
I have undertaken several tests with other shortcode generated content (MetaSlider as an example) and the content displays as expected and the splash screen behaves as expected.
When I use the iMapper shortcode in this way, the mapped image does not appear within the lightbox and the splash screen does not behave as expected.
Please could you advise how we can use iMapper with a Lightbox or Splash Screen plug in?


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


Unfortunately we are not familiar with that plugin. We think you should check with fancy lightbox plugin support as they are providing option to use other plugin shortcode inside their plugin.

Imapper was not intended to be used that way.

Do you have issues loading Map when you use it outside of that lightbox plugin ?

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