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I need help in finding out how to optimize few images on my home page. 
I have last version of “Compress JPEG & PNG images” (Tiny PNG Plugin) and it finds lot of image sizes used by the theme (Anivia-Blog, Anivia-News, Anivia-Widgets, Anivia-Portfolio) performing a compression on them in the right way, that is copying the original image and resizing it to the size specified from the plugin itself (one or more sizes for each ‘category’).
Unlikely I have few images that have not been resized automatically by the plugin, so that I get low results in gtmetrix. These images are at the bottom of the site, before footer, in a 4 and 3 columns layout, and are styled in percentage (width: 100%, height: auto). Neither the size (that is 264x175px for the 4 column section, 368x184px for the 3 column one), neither the section name are anywhere inside the plugin I’m using for compression. 
Do you have any clue on how to perform a compression on the images in these sections?
The site address is so you can see it, the images I’m talking about are the ones inside the last 2 sections before footer.

Thank you in advance for your time.


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Can you send us your WP login info via e-mail to so we could see the problem firsthand? Also, you must include your  Ticket ID so we can identify your purchasing and than we can solve your issue.

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supportotecnico Client

sorry for the delay but i had to ask my customer before giving you access to the site. I have just created your admin account, will email your credentials soon at

Thank you.

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