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Hi I need to update the theme since woocommerce templates are not up to date with the theme (bought theme earlier this month) 

I do not see any area to add my license key and update the theme in my wordpress dashboard. What do I need to do? 


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onetimeuser Client

...I am now reading the documentation. This theme does not have a standard theme update. 

For anyone who views this after the ticket has been closed these are instructions. 

Updating FashipnPress Theme

  • Navigate Appearance>Themes
  • Select TwentyFifteen default theme
  • Delete the FashipnPress Theme
  • Select Install Theme and choose Upload
  • Upload the latest downloaded from
  • Activate the updated FashipnPress Theme

3.2 Updating Plugins

Updating plugins recommended or required by theme

Plugins recommended or required by theme can be updated as any other plugin. When update is avaliable, notification will appear. For all plugins list with avaliable updates please go to Dashboard > Updates."

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