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I’ve just submitted a ticket about the Instagram connection… only to be told it won’t work and you won’t support it. And then closed the ticket so I couldn’t reply!

So does this mean that Instagram will not work in the plugin??? If so, this should stated and probably should probably be removed from Envato. I’d also want a refund as it makes the plugin useless for what I bought it for.


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we are sorry if we didn't explain precise enough. We can only assume what is the issue in your specific situation. Instagram updating API is one of possible problems. It's our best guess, but we can not be 100% sure as we are not providing support for this item for some time and that is clearly stated on page where you got your license.

We are sorry if confusion was caused by our answer in previous ticket but the truth is we are not in the position to provide you with better reply in this specific situation.

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