Instagram Token issue.

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I followed the Instagram instructions and I was able to grant access to the app and the token gets passed as a url hash back to wordpress but the error below never goes away:

You don\’t have instagram access token please click link below.

To get access token automaticaly please add to your instagram client :

I updated the token in wp_my_sogrid_check_instagram_access_token() and uncommented it and that made the grid pull in the objects. I removed it thinking the posts would not pull in and the grid still loads the instagram posts. I am not sure if my adding of the token via the fn above fixed it. 

Can you advise as to what the issue may be with the token error? 


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


Unfortunately Instagram changed the rules with the access token and we're now working on this problem. The problem is global and we hope to instagram to return to the old settings. Please be kind and be patient and if you want to be informed about Shindiri Studio latest releases and updates follow us on Envato.

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ubernoob Client

One other issue I was having is that the Facebook class is not setting the URL, it is empty. I set it to ouput the facebook page url if URL is not set in the object. Do you have a fix or way for me to output the facebook post url? 

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