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 I just bought your plugin and I have a few questions about setting it up. It’s important to note that I am using the “Card” template. 

1. My site is a boxed site with a width of 1100px. How do I make the card slider full width or 1100px wide?  

2. My slider only display two cards per slide. How do I get it to display 3 cards on desktop and laptop, 2 cards on tablet, and 1 card on mobile

3. I would also like to change the font family, and font size of the card text and the “Set category link text” 

4. Also on my card it display an icon of a folder instead of a cart. How do I change the file icon to a cart icon on the cards? 

5. Lastly, my quick look button does not work. When I click it, it displays a lazy load icon but never display the image. So how to fix the issue with the quick view because it is stuck in the loading phase. 

Please advise on those five issues.

Thank you!


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


support team reported that you already contacted them via email and conversation about your requests is underway.

You may continue communicating with them via email about this for the duration of the troubleshooting process.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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