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We have been using the plugin for several years and have found it to be perfect for our website.  We are developing a new site and ideally would like the timeline to jump to the relevant date so that we dont have to login daily to change the start item.

We did ask about this when we first started using the plugin but at the time it wasnt a major issue but we was told it was being looked into.

So with the new site, we may look to use the plugin again and wondered if the above was possible?

Thank you


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


unfortunately that option is still not implemented in our plugin. We understand that is a feature that would help you in this case but we cant give it high priority since that is not a feature we got tracked as requested by number of users at the moment. It's in the queue for future updates but before that happens more important bug fix and upgrades (requested/discovered by multiple users) need to be finished/implemented.

Thank you for using our products and taking time to inform us of possible upgrades of the plugin.

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