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All Round is excellent! I copied the code (and css/js files) to our site for testing (we use a custom CMS), and for the most part it’s working OK. I’m using the ‘With Text Label’ version.

However, the slider isn’t responsive. it seems to be loading in its own container/area.

How do I get the slider to appear responsively?

A few other minor adjustments:

1. Can I load 5 items (4 small & 1 large photo) instead of 7?
2. Can I remove the green + popup on the large item?
3. The left/right arrows aren’t showing up- where can I fix this?
4. How do I reduce the size of the photo circles?

Thank you, and great work!


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I'd also like to get rid of the text/font styles, so it uses the default font of the page.
I left out the font css and google font code, but it's showing up in Times.


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One more issue: I'd like to move the 'About:' Text above the item circles... so there are text areas both above and below the circles. Is this possible?

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Take a look at

0) To be responsive: set responsive_by_available_space=1
1) set max_shown_items=5
2) set prettyPhoto_img = /path/to/transparent.png
3) You didn't upload and
4) See in documentation variable: small_pic_width, small_pic_height, big_pic_width, big_pic_height

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Thanks for the quick reply- almost there! A few more questions:

1. "responsive_by_available_space: 1" made the text area responsive, but the circles/images are getting cut off (and not responsive at smaller sizes). Is it possible for the circles/images to behave responsively as well?

2. the location of left + right arrows on the server will be "/ext/resources./..." instead of "/images"- can I change this location in the code someplace?

3. Is it possible to have a text area ("content_slider_text_block_wrap") both above and below the circles/images?

4. Can I reduce the amount of space between circles/images after making them smaller?

Thanks again!

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