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voslol Client

Hi,I have tried 2 new fresh installation of you Theme on 2 diffent wordpress 3.7.1 (first one on a Debian server the second one on an Ubuntu server, on both server there are others wordpress sites running with no problems ) and on both i have the following problems (obviously i've tried different browsers):
<li>Media Uploader doesn't create HTML code in the page through Fronted Builder, i have to write the code manually (uploader works).</li>
<li>UsingĀ  Font Awesome Icons plugin i l lose the TinyMCE interface, i hade to desable the plugin.</li>
If you can help you this is the stack of other instaleld plugins:
<li>Revolution Slider</li>
<li>Regenerate Thumbnails</li>
May you help me?

Thanks and Regards


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


We are familiar with the first issue, and are working on a solution for it.

Second one is really strange, can you send us your WP login info via e-mail to , so we could see it firsthand? Do you lose TinyMCE in Frontend builder or in backend Edit Page?

Kind regards,

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