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eastcoastmedia Client

I have 2 issues in setting up my site

1)  my menu has about 15 subitems in one category.  they display horizontally and just run off screen.  Is there a way to make them in 2 or 3 columns.

2) I’m setting up items and want to display fields that are not default.  I created custom fields for size, texture, etc but they do not show in the item


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Shindiri Support team Administrator

1.We have resolved your issue with menu.
In custom CSS check the our custom code:

#snpshpwp_header .snpshpwp_custom_elements .snpshpwp_element_menu ul ul {
width: 700px !important;

2. You have no set a variable product. Can you please check this tutorial:

Also here is the screen shot with details what are you need set and change if you want to make a variable product:
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Shindiri Studio |

eastcoastmedia Client

I don't want customers to select a size, I just want to display the size -- for example VA 636 is a 6" tile.  Its weight is 29 lbs.  There are probably 8-10 specification fields I want each item to have.

Can you suggest the best way to accomplish this while allowing for those fields to be filled via a spreadsheet upload?

Shindiri Support team Administrator



If you want to add just info about product please follow this steps:





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Shindiri Studio |

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