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DarrinTisdale Client

I have been setting up the menu structure for a customer site. The menus all work fine using various desktop browsers. However, when I view these menus in something on a mobile platform–Safari or Chrome, for example–the menus do not work. The only link that works is the Home link. All submenu links do nothing. I have tested this situation with and without background images on the main menu items, and neither approach changes the behavior.

Please suggest the means to investigate this issue so that we can solve the situation. The initial structure of the site needs to be displayed to the client on Tuesday, so timely resolution would be very much appreciated.


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


Can you please send us link to your site so we can check what is causing the issue?

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DarrinTisdale Client

The current URL is This URL will change once it's moved to production. I can provide credentials for an admin account, if needed.

DarrinTisdale Client

Update: the issue occurs regardless of whether responsive or fixed layout is used. In both cases, the menu will display. Clicking on any child highlights the element, but the link is not activated. However, the DOM knows there is an anchor with an HREF present, since pressing the element in Safari will let the user open the link in a separate tab. Doing so does open a tab to the page, and the page then displays as expected.

So, there is some issue with the transformation of the anchor that invalidates the click event, it appears, to the anchor. Let me know next steps ASAP, since our review with the client is on Wednesday morning EST.

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