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Thank you for your response and steps; however that didn’t work.  None of the theme settings transferred.  I installed the new wordpress and then imported the wp-content and wp-includes folders.  Also, dropped all but those three tables and imported the DEV database.  Thoughts?
Dev site: http://dmicarbon.com/dev/cobikelaw
Prod Site -> had to take back down because their site needs to be active.
Do you need credentials into the servers?  Do you offer migration services?
Thanks, Jason
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I have installed and configured the Zero theme on WP using a dev server.  When I tried to move the site by moving the site files and exporting the database, I get several errors.  

There are ~3500 DB references with the old domain name and when I tried to start updating in the DB the theme reverted back to the original content and not that which was created via the Front End Builder.

Is there a method to moving to a new server and domain name?  


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Please be kind and follow this detail instructions how can you do that: https://codex.wordpress.org/Changing_The_Site_URL

In new server you need copy all WP documents and database (with same name) from old server.

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