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1. How can i make the “Modern Navigation on grayscale masonry background” to be fit on the screen, i mean, even on an 27″ screen i want to have full page withouth the scroll like the “Modern Navigation on grayscale background”

2. Also i want to know if i can make several items on home page invisible, for example i just want to keep 3 random items, one is the menu and the two others links to blogs and in the background i want to put something like a video ( ) or animated abstract canvas.

3. Can i integrate wordpress in the blog page ( just the blogging part ) ? It would be awesome to have an easier method to write blog posts!

4. Can i have different hover animations on items on home page ? For example, if i click on an item to open like the items from this menu theme ( ), i like that transition between pages.

5. Awesome work, after 5 days of searching and reviewing 2178646… templates i found showcase template, wich is perfect for my needs :)


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Shindiri Support team Administrator



1.) Yes it is possible, but we have decided not to do it for the theme release, as it will resize all of the images and distort them.

2.) Yes that can be done, but it will require a little bit editing.

3.) Integrating HTML theme into WP is actually creating WP theme. WP sees all of the pages as posts, and only difference is their usage and formatting. Otherwise, we really can't give you an advice how to do it, as we have not done such thing.

4.) That theme uses Ajax methods to load content and loads it when you first time visit their page. Showcase theme is not using Ajax methods, except on Blog Post page. Such transition however can be done instead of fading.

Can you please send us design images how you want home page to look at so we can make it for you?


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