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In your content demo you have many different pages using the Portfolio template (furnitures, illustrations… When editing these pages with frontend builder there is no object editable so I assume the text and photos must be editable in the backend ?

However I can’t find a Portfolio link on my wordpress. I use version 4.0. Thanks for your help.

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If you want to edit content on your pages you will need open Revolution Slider and edit there. After that you will need to copy Shortcode and paste on the page where you want to show the slider. In Frontend Builder you can not change Revolution Slider content but you can import Shortcode from Revolution Slider.

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pietromaffei Client

OK, Thanks for reply. I was more interested in how the picture and text are choosen. I see this is all done under Post, Portfolio type in the backend. I will also give a try to Revolution Slider. 

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