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madesign54 Client

Sorry – your TEXT editor doesnt work in visual mode… think you need to LOOK at this
working in CHROME latest edition.


We need Multi-day events, not just single day events.
so we need to be able to show an event running over say 2 days or a week!!!

so 23/24th June

1st – 7th August

How can this be done????
Initial LOOK at your coding it only allows SINGLE point events, or have I missed something

looking forward to your response



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Shindiri Support team Administrator


No, unfortunately, something like that cannot be done.

Kind regards,


madesign54 Client

Any solutions - I am trying to develop this using existing PHP ARRAYS for Show dates and Info::

Check here::

I can work around the DATE problem, I think by adding Extra DATES but then setting the output in CSS using Display: none!!! YES that would work:::!

BUT I now have a BURNING question::
the use of


As I am using a ForLoop with an associative ARRAY to create the TIMELINE data, I thought I could create a ForLoop for the ajax-content.php

BUT have now found I haven't got a Clue how to create a Switch/ case using a forloop, so trying to find a solution to overcome this.

So the idea is::

For - arraysize - Loop and create TIMELINE code
this I have easily produced,

BUT havent now got a clue how to incorpoate the


with ajax-content.php being created on the fly

I have tired creating a Switch, but that doesn't work
a Function possibly, but how to pass its position in the loop???

now thinking about creating an associative ARRAY from an Array with all the html code as per your Switch...

IF you have any ideas, would appricate your HELP, Once this PHP ARRAY coding is developed I will provide you with the php for your own use..

Just need a bit of HELP...

Thought this was going to be easy, but seems that due to your use of the ajax-content.php within the script, I havent got a clue how to create a multi dimensional forloop using case switchs or what ever to get this to work...

speak soonest


madesign54 Client

With thanks in advance :-)

madesign54 Client

Your PHP coding is spitting out the following errors::

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/shindiristudio/ in /home/shindiristudio/ on line 876

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