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Although I have troubleshooted most of the issues myself, I have to tell you, the code is a mess in many places guys. First of all, although YEARSON might be disabled, you still poll years from data descriptions, killing the app on load, getting into an endless loop.

Secondly, you are not checking properly, how many categories are there, if only 3 categories are present, the plugin won’t launch. If there are 5 categories, and you put a node in all of them, the FOURTH category will never be listed, as if it’s never even existed.

I could send you the modified timeline.js, but that’d be “illegal” because you have to support your own product. Please fix these for someone else then, because I AM SURE i’m not the only one, who might use different categories than months.

WHat you COULD add though, is to be able to have not just 2 categories onscreen on the timeline, OR to show up the last category if the number of categories are uneven, alone. So if you have 3 categories, the page that shows the last category on the timeline should be alone centered, not on the left hand side, with nothing on the right hand side.

Also, the popup hover description texts are being cut in half (even in your own demo, chrome latest version) if they are too much to the right. Just hover over any node on the timeline that is close to the right hand side, and the popup text will be cut at the end of the timeline. If you’d arrang the text to appear to the left, it would not be an issue.


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We value your input and we will have it in consideration when we update our plugin in the future.

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