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I’m looking for some help with a few issues/tweaks:

  • I want to remove “undefined” from the timeline (Style 3)
  • Alignment – I have had issues getting the cards to center in a container. In some cases, Start Item alignment set to “Center” works best; in other situations, Start Item alignment set to “Right” gets me the best, centered, results. Can you help me understand the inconsistency in alignment? Also, is there somewhere in the code/CSS where I can set the alignment more directly?
  • I want all 5 dots to show up on the timeline (on the same screen) no need to scroll through. Preferably, I would like to be able to show multiple instances per year with Group by Year. Or, if I must use Group by Month, I’d like to be able to show the entire timeline for a span of 17 years, in order to show all of the instances/posts.
  • I want to enable the excerpt text to show on Style 3
  • I’d like to adjust the mouse-over or hover event so that a different photo shows when someone hovers over a card. Can you point me to which file or line of code I should look at or adjust for this type of behavior?

Thank you for your help!


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Shindiri Support team Administrator

1. Can you be specific about "undefined" issue?

2. When you set starting item, and aligment of timeline, timeline with start with that starting item with preferred alignment. For example, if you set your center item for starting item, and add right aligment, timeline will load with that item aligned right in timeline items wrapper.

3. Please be more specific abut this request, or send us some screenshoots. This kind of feature will probably require custom coding.

4. Go to: content_timeline/pages/tmpl/style_3.php, Line of code 12. Uncomment span with $arr['item-content']

5. Right now, hover on a card doesn't show picture, only click where prettyphoto slider opens. It would require custom coding

Please review this message and send us a feedback.
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klf0681 Client


1. See screenshot here:

2. Ok, thanks.

3. Please refer to the same screenshot as linked above (#1). I have 5 posts. I would like to scale the timeline to show all 5 dots or instances without needing to scroll the timeline. Can you point me to where in the files I can adjust the scale of the timeline? Or, is there a way to show more than one post when Grouped by Year?

4. OK, thanks.

5. I understand it would require custom coding. Can you point me to which file or location I need to add the custom code to adjust the hover behavior?

Shindiri Support team Administrator

1. We will have to see in firsthand your timeline settings so please send us wp login on

3. Please reffer to #1

5. For implementing hover behaviour on timeline items, changes should be made in js/frontend/jquery.timeline.js. If you need help implementing custom code please contact our development team at Let we remind you that this kind service is paid.

Best regards,
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