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alexvalentin Client

Hi! I have bought your theme (Connect WP) but I found some problems. So:

1. Since I updated to WordPress 3.6, I had a problem with lightbox.  Images show up, but you can’t enlarge them.  All I get is a dim screen. I think there is a problem with the javascript.

2. If there is a “broken” link (in a page/menu/post etc.), when I click on it, redirecting me to I want to delete this “connectwp” from the link (address).

3. I found a problem with paths. I select the icon that I want to display, but when I add the code in the post it displays the first icon (default: 1).  I think there is an error in code, and always remain set to default.

Can you help me with this? Please tell me what to change in templates/codes. Thanks!


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


Can we get your WP login info sent to ?

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