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srdesign Client

I was originally posting my queries on ticket #591, but since receiving initial answers, which did not work entirely as planned, I have received no further replies. Therefore I have had a go at changing the navigation menu’s responsive behaviour myself, and need some help.

At a resolution of 768px wide, my nav menu was too wide to fit alongside the logo. Previous suggestions from you involved moving the logo down beneath the menu, which didn’t look ideal and also created image padding issues throughout the site. I therefore decided that I wanted the dropdown menu that appears at lower resolutions to appear at 768px too. By copying the 440px menu CSS from style.css, I have managed to get the dropdown to appear at 768px – but there are issues that I need help with.

If you visit my development site here you can see that at 768px wide, the dropdown appears, but the colour styling is not working (it should all be red), there is no drop down arrow and you cannot actually access the menu. Please can you help? This is getting desperate now!



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Shindiri Support team Administrator


You will have to make the following changes:

In functions.php, change in line 696 from @media screen and (max-width:768px) to @media screen and (max-width:980px)

In style.css, copy over everything under //MENU// from RESPONSE 440px to RESPONSE 768px (which you already did)

In js/common.js in the first 30 or so lines, you will see the number 735 in three places. Change it to 947 in every place.

All of these changes should give you the desired functionality.

Kind regards,


srdesign Client

Excellent, thank you so much - that worked perfectly. One other issue I've noticed; when you click on my drop down menu, the lower section is 3px to the right of the top section - any idea how this would be resolved please?

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