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ngabriel Client

Hi guys,

First of all great template, really good work.

I have some problems with the site:

1. Is it possible when viewing the site on a mobile device, that the navigation bar closes automatically when scrolling to a menu item?

2. I added list items, but they don’t show up when viewing the site on the iPhone.

3. When you look at the members section: I added some bootstrap collapse. On the right side under Claudio Palillo there is “Unternehmensberater mit den Schwerpunkten” and there shows up a line unter the collapse item. I have absolutely no clue how to get rid of that. Do you guys have any clue??

My site:

Could you please assist her?

Thank you very much in advance.


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


sorry for late respond, we will try to assist you with this issues:

1. Theme menu is coded to stay open until closed on purpose at mobile display. If you want to pursue more on this issue you can contact us with your wp-login info via

2. Can you please give more info on this issue. what part of website is not visible on iphone. Screenshot of that section would be great.

3. you can try overiding bootstrap css for panels using this code in custom css of the theme:
.panel-default {border-color:transparent !important;}
.panel {box-shadow:none !important}

Best regards,
Shindiri Studio |

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