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MurcCoder Client

Hi, I have a few questions regarding the navigation menu and also mobile view.
1.) Most mobile view menus have the standard “dropdown” 3-line icon and then when clicked provides a dropdown menu. Currently this is setup to say “Go To” with an unformatted, standard dropdown menu. Could you possibly help in adding the dropdown icon to the mobile menu and with formatting a dropdown menu that fits with the colors used in the template?
2.) The navigation menu is sticky (Stays at the top of the page as you scroll) in standard view, but in mobile view it isn’t sticky. Can you assist with making it sticky?
3.) Could you help me add a “back to top” button?


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Shindiri Support team Administrator

Hi MurcCoder,

thank you for using our product. Please keep in mind we don't provide customization support as stated on our profile. So all we can do is give our opinion on the matter.

1. This change of navigation would demand complete overhaul of the navigation on mobile settings. Check into bootstrap toggle option.

2. Start with .navigation-tab class and settings for position: fixed; top: 0px; and z-index : "higher then the rest of page" and go from there.

3. Check this guide

Best regards,
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