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I have set up a timeline with the timeline bar hidden and navigation arrows visible. I also have the full card set to click for more info rather than a button. It works on my computer but when I view it on my phone (iPhone 7 Plus) in portrait orientation, I cannot navigate to the next card. The current card sizes down to the right size for my screen and I can click on the card to get the additional information panel but the navigation arrows are not visible and the edge of the next card is not visible so I cannot move off the current card. If I rotate to landscape, the edge of the next card to the right shows and I am able to move through the cards that way (though they are not very legible), but I don’t expect my site visitors to figure this out. 

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You should be able to use swipe to move through events/cards on any resolution (even when only one item is visible) so we need to test this firsthand and search for problems directly.

Please add this request to email that support team is expecting from you about date format on cards.

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