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I have made one shortcode which started to lock-up during the process.  Now the full plug-in is locked up.  I go to the plugin and I’m not able to do anything.  I cannot open the shortcut to edit, can’t make any selections under “troubleshooting”…  I have had it start to open for an edit to come back with “KILL or WAIT” for the download then it just crashes.  Please help as soon as possible.  This is a business website and I need access to finish this project and update errors; we have clients that always request our background information and your plugin seems to be the perfect option for our needs.  Maybe I have too many on a shortcut and need to make smaller ones on the same page,if that is possible?


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Apologies for the delayed reply.

We have tested your page and everything is look fine.

Could You be so kind and let us know if You have resolved the issue or is it still open.
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