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daviesmpls Client

I have another open ticket with you as well. But I’m also having another problem:

When I view the timeline on an iPhone 8, I am UNABLE to swipe from card to card. The small arrows in the line above don’t work…and the navigation arrows don’t show up for me to click from card to card!

Also, I’m still having all of the troubles with the nodes and category titles from my other ticket.

Here is the page where the timeline exists:

Can someone please help me ASAP with these issues? The problems have been going on for weeks and we’re trying to launch this site!

Thank you!


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


we tested this swipe on your page using iphone 8 and there is nothing wrong with swipe function. Please try again with shorter and more dynamic swipes. We think you expect drag and drop functionality and there is no that option since on mobile devices aligning with easing.js is in place for better positioning of the selected card. For example plugin will not let you have two equal parts of two cards to be in screen at the same time. It will always try to position one card in the screen as focused.

Also there is no hover effect on touchscreen so navigation arrows are not functional on touch devices by default since they are coded to show on hover.

About the previous ticket we have information part of the issue is resolved by support team and that you have communication established via email. Team is checking into other problems reported in last email. Please try to keep conversation separated about different issues and not mix them in tickets and emails since that can cause confusion and delay the solution unnecessary.

Anyway, you will get feedback about that requests soon via email conversation.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Best regards,
Shindiri Studio |

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