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prosenjeet Client


I have sent you a mail regarding this to 
The slideshow doesn’t show on the page…please have a look and let me know

I am quoting whatever I had written in the mail to you:  (all the concerned files are attached with my email)

I just purchased your plugin “All Around – Responsive jQuery Content Slider” yesterday..
Purchase code: ea49065b-a7fd-4bc4-832f-1f65c359f708
I have put all the files in the plugin inside a folder (LW-content-slider) and linked it correctly on the index.html file. However, when I view the page on any browser, I get a blank page.
I have posted a comment regarding this on your codecanyon product page too.
I have attached the folder and the index.html file which has your code. Just for your info, your code starts from line 96 on the index.html file attached herewith.
I shall be obliged if you kindly look into the problem asap as I am in the middle of a project.


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prosenjeet Client


I could solve the problem mentioned in my above post ;)

However, if you see my preview here: the slider is not centrally aligned.

Please tell what needs to be changed and where?

Shindiri Support team Administrator


we are glad you managed to sort your previous issue, about the central position: you need to make odd number of circles visible. Then you will have 1 big circle and same number of small circles on both sides therefore big circle will be position in dead center.
Best regards,
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