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All your pin´s opens on a new tab but we need them to open in the same tab.
How can we do this?


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There is no option in settings to do this so a bit of code adjustment need to be done.

After setting your pins, and make sure that you set the links and the default click option of the pin to “Link”. This is the first step. Next You have to log in to your FTP account, and navigate to your wordpress instalation folder. Find wp_content > plugins > wordpress_image_mapper > js > frontend > jquery.image_mapper.js

Edit this file with some text editor , (make sure You make a backup first for security reasons), and find the line 1189, change the existing code to:,’_self’);

So you have to add the ‘_self’ expression to the link. This will make your link open in the same window.

If you are not comfortable doing this alone support team can do it for you but they would need WP and FTP login details sent via email to

We hope we could be of service, have a nice day!

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Shindiri Studio

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