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Hello - 

I haven noticed that items that are designed to show up at the bottom of a standard post like social sharing links and related posts are showing up above and below my page content. It seems to only happen when I set the page format to audio or video. It’s almost like it thinks they’re a new post (the soundcloud or youtube embeds) and is trying to put the social sharing beneath them thus making it show up twice.

You can see what I mean here:

Any thoughts?


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tmtylblog Client

It looks like I've fixed this by removing the YARR and AddThis extension.
I now can't figure out how to add advertising. I'm running the Ads Pro plugin. It says I just have to add a shortcode. It's added. Not seeing anything. It's suppossed to be a 728x90 at the top of the page.
Also, any idea why the drop downs on menu bar display that way. It's like the sub-menus are squished or something.

tmtylblog Client

I found this on their support site:

Display methods

#1 Shortcode

[bsa_pro_ad_space id="1"]

#2 Template tag

<?php echo bsa_pro_ad_space('1'); ?>

#3 PHP function – do_shortocode()

<?php echo do_shortcode('[bsa_pro_ad_space id="1"]'); ?>

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to accept any of these. I'm entering it on the custom HTML field of the general settings tab.

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Please sorry for the late respond.

1) Update your theme this issue was fixed.
2) You have to be concrete on where exactly you want to put your advertisement, because Envato guide lines were clearer, and some areas had to be escaped so they do can not accept short-codes or any js code.
You have to send us the WP and FTP log in data

Ninja greetings,
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