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I’m using WPML with 2 langs: EN and IT (Where IT is the default one). In the backend, editing a timeline setted up as Italian, I’ve a warning about “undefined $lang var” on content_timeline_class.php:230 and a warning about “undefined $my_lang var” on content_timeline_class.php:236.
To resolve the issue I’ve changed lines 230, 231 and 236 like this:

230: <?php if (isset($_GET['lang']))$lang=$_GET['lang'];
231: if(!isset($lang) && defined(‘ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE’))$lang=ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE;

236: $t=wp_my_timeline_get_translations($lang);

now the problem seems fixed and the generated js code has the var my_ctimeline_lang correctly setted to “it”.

Could you please take a look to the problem and eventually fix it?

Thanks in advance,

P.S.: I’m on
WP 4.9.1,
Content Timeline 4.4.4,
WPML 3.8.4


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thank you for pointing this out, our developing team will definitely take a closer look and check the potential for upgrading code.

Best regards,
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OK, thanks.

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